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Hey guys! It's been really, really long since I updated y'all about my recent life. For those who have been following my Snapchat / Instagram, you guys would have probably known that I've started hitting the gym lately.

Well, I hated working out very much since I was born lolol. I'm just not into sports (or any business that involves me physically moving myself). Every time when there's a PJ class, I would rather sit in the classroom and work on my homework instead of going out to do some exercises. Yes, I was nerdy like that hahaha. 

 I didn't think I needed to exercise at all until I realised I've been gaining so much weight after I have entered uni, and my little tummy decided that it's time to pop out and say hi to everyone. That is why you can see I rarely have a midriff top in my #ootd (need not to say bikini)! It was a big NO NO to me. I really have zero confidence wearing all those with my bloated tummy.

That's when I made an important decision in my life - to start looking for a healthy detox drink (but not those laxative type because you know, they can hurt our gastrointestinal), and of course, not forgetting to work out and eat clean!
I don't hit the gym every single day, perhaps 3 days a week?
I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand going to the gym alone.
I prefer working out with a partner so that we can motivate each other. 

Besides going the gym, I also try to watch my diet lately. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. You have probably heard it for a million times, but when it comes to good food, it's pretty hard to resist, isn't it? But hey, now good news to you, you can now have some cheat meals with no guilt! (Hint: Keep reading!!)

Many people tend to think that in order to lose weight, you have to be on diet and avoid having carbs. But the truth is, a wholesome healthy diet should consist of proportionate food from all food groups:
fibre, carbohydrates, protein and unsaturated fats. Besides, you should also think of a way to flush off toxins and all unwanted substances in your body that causes slow digestion and low metabolism instead. Find out how I do it below!

So I just wanna share with y'all how amazing does detox enzyme go with my meal plan, which helps to attain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and of course how I bid my not-so-cute fatty belly goodbye! 😉

Yes, I've been consuming it for 1 month now and I have noticed that it really helps to boost metabolism and slim down my tummy!! I add 1 scoop into 1 cup of normal-temperature water and drink it 30 minutes before lunch. (You can also mix it with 100g of low-fat yoghurt!!) The best option would be take it as a meal replacement totally or with a light meal, it can enable your body to find the required nutrients with zero fats and carbs.

Of course, please do not expect visible results after consuming this product for 2-3 days (again.. because it is not a laxative drink). A healthy product doesn’t give fast miracle result like magic. The  NANO Detox & Cleanse takes 2-3 weeks to entirely cleanse your inner body system and return you a healthy body!

Let me talk more about this product. My friend recommended it to me and she told me to give it a try. Originated from JAPAN, this detox smoothie is formulated with 219 different kinds of raw plant enzymes. It helps to detoxify your body as well as breaking down excessive fats. When your body is detoxified, your metabolism rate increases and it enhances your overall health. The problem that most people are concerned - will it cause diarrhoea? For me, I didn't suffer from any diarrhoea or losing-water effect after consuming this product!

Here are some key benefits of the product: 
- Every glass is equivalent to 7 servings of vegetables
- Detox blood and lymphatic circulatory system
- Improves inner organ re-tuning and recovery
- Cleanses gastrointestinal and colon
- Reduces stress, lethargic, aches and fatigue due to overwork
- Helps in slimming and waist-loss

The best thing is, this drink actually tastes delicious (green apple flavour + no powdery texture at all)!! Its definitely a healthy juice for daily consumption.

As you can see, despite not in perfect shape, my tummy definitely got flatter after changing my lifestyle! 

Front view! 

Tummy flatten in just one month

Mind refreshed and more energetic!
Now, you can see my tummy is FLATTEN, and here I go from 27inches to 25inches smaller and sexier waistline! *winks*

NANO Detox & Cleanse smoothie does not only help in flattening my belly but I am now much more energetic throughout the day, and I rarely feel sleepy in classes!

 One more thing, if you have noticed, my skin is getting more radiant! Well, I think this occurs because this drink helps to flush-off the toxins in my inner body and return me a healthy body! If you’re thinking to have a refreshed and rejuvenated body by doing some detoxing and cleaning job on your body (which I believe most of you need it so badly), go ahead to NANO Detox & Cleanse! 

It tastes simply delicious and you will absolutely love the green apple yogurt taste. Trust me, NANO Detox & Cleanse is something that you won’t want to miss! I’m so glad to come across with this product. 
Girls, the key to slimming down your belly isn't about eating clean and working out for a single day and praying for a miracle to happen:

Keep your goals clear in your head, stay dedicated, go the extra mile to find out what's best for yourself, adjust accordingly, and you should be there in time!
Psst, if I can do it, you can do it too.

Anyway, if you guys are interested in trying the Nano Detox Cleansing Smoothie, you guys can get it from Qoo10 and 11street now!

Alright, hope y'all enjoyed reading this post! Talk to you guys soon! 


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