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Hi guys!!! I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging for a month!!!

And the reason why I haven't been blogging is because I was caught up with final exams at the beginning of the month. I had a really stressful time because I had to revise for 5 subjects, and not only does each of them require deep understanding, a lot memorising is involved as well. (Besides, I had work to cover too, as there were quite a few sponsored posts' deadlines to meet) So, I barely had time to do the things I wanted to do: making new videos, updating my blog, etc. I even skipped the regular gym sessions and deep down I felt extremely terrible for doing so. :( 

Well, they say good times always await you after the difficult times, and I think that's absolutely true. 

Finals have ended and here comes the (short) HOLIDAYS.You have no idea how relieved and ecstatic I felt the very moment the examination invigilator told us to stop writing and drop our pens. I was already thinking about all the exciting activities awaiting me during the holidays!!! I have came up with so many plans as I was doing revision for the finals (lol, don't you think it's extremely easy to think of something else while we were supposed to focus on our revision?), and now that finals are over, I can finally transform my plans into actions! 

It's December, so the first plan was of course to SHOP FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. 

I don't really know why, but Christmas feels just like the best time of the year for me. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas or see Christmas as an occasion, but I love, love, love Christmas. I love spending money buying gifts and surprising my family and friends with them during this festive season and I feel genuine happiness in giving gifts to people. I think 'gift-exchanging' is a very common practice during Christmas Eve - and it is really nice - but it isn't really my thing. I think we shouldn't feel prompted to buy presents just because we are obliged to exchange gifts with others. We should give presents out of our own kindness and gratefulness, not to lessen the guilt of receiving a present. 

During Christmas, I prepare gifts to people that I care about. It is my way of expressing my sincere appreciation towards them. It really doesn't matter to me whether they give me something in return or not, because in the first place "trading" presents isn't my intention. I enjoy the act of giving, and nothing makes me happier to see the smiles unfolding on faces of the people whom I love. In fact, I think the smile on their faces is already the best gift I could ever receive. 😁

Okay, the second plan was FILMING MY HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK. 

I actually filmed a holiday makeup tutorial, but I didn't manage to edit and publish it before Christmas because I left my memory card in Joanne's house (I went to her place to shoot!). However, I managed to upload my Holiday Lookbook before Christmas!!!! BIG THANKS TO MY GIRLFRIEND JOANNE FOR ALL THE HELP!!! Thanks to teamwork, my Holiday Lookbook was filmed, edited and published within the day itself. #soproud #thatswhatwecallefficiency 

You can watch the video here! 

Oh by the way, I CHANGED MY HAIR COLOR! 

I dyed my hair dark grey in Centro Hair Salon and many were shocked that I actually dyed my hair dark! Well, that's because I will be interning from the upcoming January to March in a beauty company. Nope, the company did not make me do it. In fact, the managers have no problem with my crazy hair colors at all (I actually attended the interview with the crazy colours hehe). It's just that I think I would have no time to visit the salon for touch-ups during the 3 months of internship, so I thought of dying a hair color which could sustain itself for at least 3 months. To be honest, I still couldn't really get used to my current hair colour, and I can't help but miss my bright hair colours whenever I would look back at my pictures. But well, perhaps the crazy colours will be in business again after my internship! HAHA!

I have documented 5 days of my life after finals in my vlog - Go watch it NOW if you are interested to see how I spent my time after finals!!! 😂


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