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Oh hi there. Just want to drop by since I have the time to. 

So I have begun my internship, and today marks the 5th day of my placement. Let me talk about how work has been for me so far.

The people in the office are nice and friendly - even the boss himself is easy to work with. I kinda like the corporate culture in the company: nobody is being unnecessarily rigid about anything, everything is pretty flexible. 

And oh, one big plus. I don't have to put on a formal attire to work (which is awesome for me because I still can take #ootds every day). 

I can pop in the office anytime between 10-11am, though I always arrive at 10am. 

We have our personal dedicated mini work station, and we are free to "decorate" it with... (photos of our favourite celebrities?) basically anything!! I spotted photos of Song Joong-Ki and Jay Chou thumbtack-ed against the walls of one of my colleague's workstation, and that made me feel kinda happy haha! (psst she just earned her rights to join my secret girl gang)

My workload is okay thus far: it's not too much, nothing feels extremely challenging (yet). I'm definitely looking forward to be involved in more projects though, it's the core purpose of me interning in the company after all. I really wanna do more than just sitting in the office and goyang kaki saja okay!! In fact, I would very much prefer it if there's actually work for me to do.

So far, everything is good. 
But, what really drains my energy out is the traffic.

Boom. Didn't think traffic will be the villain here, did you.

Every morning and evening, I will (have to) be stuck in a heavy traffic for at least an hour.

It's only my fifth day of work, but it is enough to make me feel sick already. It's mentally and physically draining to be trapped in traffic jams, but then I realised that it's really not as if I am the only one who is stuck in a jam, so I should probably stop whining. Gah. Instead of complaining about how sucky it is to be stuck in traffic, perhaps I should just be grateful that at least I own a car that helps me get to work comfortably.

My new year resolution is definitely to be able to preserve optimism in negative situations. I want myself to try my best to overcome negativity with every ounce of positivity in me. When you can't change the situation, change your perspective. The way we see things determines whether we live happy, or helplessly sad.

May you all find light in the dark. 🌙


  1. Wow congratulations! Good luck on your internship. What does the company do?
    I am back to blogging :)

  2. All the best on your internship! Btw, if you were to reach office by 10am, the traffic won't be that bad la... if it was 9am then it's terrible! HAHAHA