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I believe to many of us, travelling is always fun and it's all about creating memories by exploring places that we are not familiar with. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. It's so true how traveling can turn everyone into a storyteller who shares passionately about his/her journey and experiences. ✈

With the advanced technology we have now, traveling has become so much easier! 
Now, we have websites that know the ins and outs of any destination, and helps providing precise planning of schedules as it knows the traffic condition well, distances between places, crowd intensity, etc.

Even better, many websites now also provide recommendations for the places-to-be: even hidden gems that aren't broadly advertised.  And we can even get advices that only a local may offer. Just how nice would it be to have such connections?

Currently, I aim to travel around Malaysia to discover the unsung beauty of this nation I grew up in.
However, there are some places in Malaysia I wish to visit (e.g. Langkawi, Kuching, etc) which I am not familiar with, and unfortunately, I don't have friends to take me around either.

Then, FlyKLIA came knocking on my door and asked if I'm interested to check them out and write about them. After visiting their website, I realised that FlyKLIA is a one stop social media network for wanderlust - like you and me!

What's FlyKLIA about? 
It's a website that provides:

1) Flight search ✔
Want to see which airline has the cheapest flight? Check out the "flight search" function in the website that displays the cheapest flight for you in a complete, organised list. 

2) Accommodation search 
Besides compiling all the exclusive hotel deals for you, FlyKLIA also introduces and helps you discover the hidden gems (resorts, homestay, hotels) that you would not want to miss!

3) Travel-related information and articles contributed by other fellow travellers 

FlyKLIA connects you with the other travel-addicts around the world through their sharing of stories and experiences! Now it's your chance to be a storyteller and share your travel experiences on FlyKLIA! Also, if you have a friend coming over to Malaysia for a short trip but not sure what to do? FlyKLIA has totally got you covered! 😉

The power of this website truly amazed me. With this website, no place will ever feel unfamiliar for you as you are in the promising hands of fellow travellers. Wherever you go in Malaysia, you can always browse tips and guides regarding the place! 

And the best part of this platform is that it gathers local travellers all around Malaysia under the same roof, sharing helpful tips and guides by a warm hearth. We can now all proudly boast about the places that we love in Malaysia and help each other to discover the undiscovered. 💗

Today, travelling locally finally feels truly "at home", don't you think so?


  1. Hi Jessica. Flying has indeed been my passion long long time ago. This is indeed one of my many reasons for having been a cabin crew for many years. I've been to many places in the world but has yet to actually conquer my native ground. FlyKLIA is really something I've been looking forward to finally having a complete guide for my local adventure. Thank you for sharing your post and flyKLIA. Will surely come handy.

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