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Today marks the last day of my internship in LOKi Media. It has been nothing but a fun and memorable journey with the team over the past 3 months. There are just so much memories in this company....

Honestly, LOKi wasn't my first choice. It was not part of my plan. I actually got accepted by another company at first, but some shit happened and I got into LOKi (thank you boss for accepting my last-minute request!!!). You know how they say the best things always come unplanned, unexpected? Yea, that's how I feel about LOKi.  

Before starting my internship, I was like damn it's so going to be a long journey! The thought of going into a completely new environment and working with new people for 3 months made me feel excited and anxious at the same time. But in the blink of an eye, I'm already officially done with one of the most important phases in my life, and I'm so, so glad to have joined LOKi. And here are the reasons why...

1) Making new friends 

Picture taken from Krystal's Instastory hahahaha

Before joining LOKi, I thought internship is just going to be work x5. But joining LOKi has proven me wrong. It's not only about the "work" here, it's more about the "people". I never thought that I would meet so many new friends and build new friendships here in this company. Shoutout to my intern buddies, Quin-Nee and Krystal who made work more fun (they call us the Powerpuff Girls). Before I left the company today, I gave them a tight hug and I couldn't help but cried as so many good memories sprung to my head. I will never forget how we met, how we spent our lunch time together talking nonsense and sharing stories. Thank you for all the good times together. :')  

2) Friendly people, friendly working environment

It did not take me long to adapt into the culture of the organisation. The people there are so friendly, nice and fun! They treat you like a family and make sure you don't feel left out. The boss is also the best boss that I have ever worked with. He is so humble, affable and open-minded. He treats everyone of us like a friend and always jokes around - so there's really no employer-employee gap between us. Also, boss is a sweet-talker. On my last day, I asked him whether he has hired new interns to replace me and my intern buddy. He told us that nope he hasn't found any, and that we are irreplaceable. awwwww :') Nonetheless, he has given me so many learning opportunities and I really couldn't thank him more for that. 

3) No dress code 
I still remember before I start working in the company, I asked my boss whether there is a dress code in the company, and he said nope. I was like YAY. There's no need to wear formal in the company, so on some lazy days, I just dressed up in my sweatshirt and jogger to work hehehe.

4) Learning opportunities 
If you are studying Mass Communication / Graphic Designer / Web Development and are looking for an internship placement in a digital marketing agency, LOKi is the place (and has a place) for you. Throughout the course of my internship, I worked as a social media associate and I was assigned to many major tasks (not complaining because I was there to learn anyway). Working in a smaller agency allows me to be involved in bigger projects, which gave me a lot of learning opportunities. I got to understand more of what PR does in the real-world industry and I have gained so many invaluable experiences in LOKi. My supervisor also gave me a lot of feedbacks and encouragements, which really help to improve and develop myself. By the way, although LOKi is still considered a start-up, it has been working with many big clients which you can view on their website! So, if you work there as an intern, you will really get to learn a lot. 

All in all, it has been a really fun (and life-changing) journey with LOKi and I'm so thankful for everything!!!!! Actually, I've been offered a freelance job in LOKi so technically speaking, I haven't really left the company hahahaha but I will be working majorly from home.

Can't wait to see y'all again and thank you for treating me like a part of the family!!! 

On a serious note, they are hiring interns and full-timers. So feel free to check out their website and send in your CV / resume if you are interested to join the squad!

*Doing a favour for my boss because he forced me to HAHAHAHAHAH 
nah just kidding! Join LOKi, really! 


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  2. Guess you're not telling them that you found your new boyfriend in LOKi too?

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