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Have you ever felt so sick that you feel the urge to see a doctor but you just didn't have the energy to drive all the way to the clinic / you just didn't have transportation at all? 

Well, I have experienced that before. 

I remember I was so sick that I vomited more than 5 times on the same day. It totally drained my energy dry and I could barely even move. What worsened the situation was that there's no medication at home, and NOBODY at home to take me to the doctor. I was literally stranded on my bed, waiting for my mum to get home from work and drive me to the clinic. It was such a terrible experience and at that point, I certainly wished there's a way to get a doctor to come to my house! 

Just imagine how bad the situation would have been if it the condition wasn't only vomiting but something far more dire, something that quickly leads to fatality with the absence of prompt medical attention?

Better yet, it can all be done with an app. 
What? What app? 

Introducing Doctor2U. the app that allows you to request a fully-licensed and experienced doctor on-demand, to your home, office or hotel! 

You can now request a Doctor on behalf of your loved ones or even for yourself! Doctor2U is to help individuals who are unable to access healthcare due to disability, old age, busy schedules or any other circumstances. From newborn babies to elderly parents.

I just found out about this app not long ago, and I think that it's a brilliant innovation which revolutionised the public's consumption of healthcare services. The app is definitely going to benefit a lot of people!

As of today, Doctor2U offers 3 kinds of services:

1) Doctor House Calls
As mentioned above, you can now request a doctor to arrive at your doorstep, and it is pledged that the aforesaid happens within 60 minutes.

2) Medication Delivery 
If you are certain of the kind of medication you need, you can also request for a medication delivery through the app! Alternatively, you can collect your medication in at any BP or Lovy Pharmacy outlet nationwide. To make things easier and faster, you can also snap a picture of your prescription and send it to the pharmacists through the app!!

3) FREE Live Chat
There are many times when we are unsure what kind of sickness we have and we just don't know whether there's a need to actually visit the doctor. Now, with Doctor2U, you can actually consult an experienced doctor, pharmacist, or nutritionist right from home, or even on-the-go!! You can even upload an image of your condition and send it to the healthcare providers so that they can better understand your condition.

I must say that I'm really amazed with this service!! I always tend to Google about the symptoms I observed on myself, trying to diagnose what's wrong with myself cluelessly. Unfortunately, sometimes websites can only tell you so much. So why not consult an actually experienced medical professional through this complimentary live chat system and get your doubts cleared?!

(And also, we all know how expensive some doctors can charge solely for diagnosis, and now that Doctor2U is offering this service for free, so shouldn't we be thankful for that?!)

Doctor2U is now available all over Malaysia, and their service is available 24 hours, seven days a week, so be assured that you can certainly get quality personal care anytime when you need it.

Doctor2U is available for download on both App Store and Google Play Store. Feel free to share this app around with your family and friends!! It will definitely come in handy at times, and they will surely thank you for it! ;) 


  1. Sorry to hear you were in such dire condition. That's a brilliant app for such situations.

    Inez | My Small World

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  3. Ohh! That's really sad to hear your illness. I think you could make a house call and book for an appointment to cure your sickness. Vomited more than 5 times on the same day is the extreme case. Hope you are well now!
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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