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I will never forget about the pain I went through last night.

So I have been feeling rather weak lately and just a week ago, I was down to a flu and diarrhoea. And I guess it's probably due to the salmon sushi I had a week ago. The next day, I woke up feeling nauseous and I lost all my appetite to eat. I took meds and thought I recovered 2 days later.

Then I had dinner with my friend on Tuesday.

Had a creamy carbonara and I felt sick after having that dish. The next morning, I woke up with diarrhoea and I vomited the pasta that I had the previous night. After vomiting, I felt much better and thought it was just merely indigestion. And I just carried out my usual routine in the afternoon, feeling really normal and great.

In the evening, I got a stomachache, and the ache was similar to the kind of ache when you feel hungry. So I thought I was just hungry and I would be fine after having dinner. But after I had my dinner, the pain still lingered. Then, I took the Chinese pills that are meant for curbing stomachache. At around 11pm, the pain got more and more severe that I couldn't even walk....And no, the pain didn't feel like the usual "I-want-to-shit-stomachache". It just felt so painful that it was squeezing my intestines. And it hurt so badly even with just a slight movement...

I had no choice but to wake my parents up to send me to the hospital. I even felt like fainting and before I got into the car, I vomited. I felt like shit.

When I was in the car, I couldn't even lie down and I just hugged myself, with my head resting on the headrest of the front seat. My parents quickly drove me to the nearby hospital.

So I was required to do a quick check-up on my blood pressure, whether I have fever or not, and also to measure my weight. I was shocked when I see that I only weighed 42.5kg. That means I lost about 3kg recently because the last time I weight myself, I remember I was 46kg. I knew that my appetite wasn't really good lately but I never thought it would cause such a huge difference on my weight.

After the check-up, I was brought to the emergency room. The doctor gave me an injection and also drips for 1 hour+ and also did a blood test. He mentioned that if the pain gets severe after the drip, I would have to be hospitalised.

So I lied on the hospital bed, with my left hand lying straight beside me, and my right hand hugging my stomach. I felt so sad...and all of a sudden, I was like: so this is how sick patients feel....lying on the bed all day with the drip on your left hand and you can do nothing about it...you just couldn't move.

An hour later, the doctor came back to check on me and asked me how I felt. To be honest, I could still feel the pain...but the doctor said the drips won't deliver immediate effect. Anyway, I was discharged because the doctor said my blood test results show that I am normal.

When I got home, I just crawled up to my bed. I forced myself to sleep and forget about the pain. And I think I slept after a while because I guess I was just too tired. I woke up in the middle of the night, discovering that my period came. WTF. I hope the pain I felt wasn't due to pre-menstruation?

This morning, I woke up feeling better and I am grateful that I made it through a painful and horrible night...

I really don't wish to experience it again because it is really a scary experience...

And now I really wish for nothing else but health. Never ever take your good health for granted because you are just nothing without health, even you have all the money in the world.

P.S. Thank you everyone for your wishes, I am feeling better now! 


  1. Please take care Jessica! Glad that you already recovered^^

  2. Agree with you Jessica. Money means nothing if we do not have good health. I experienced the same situation like you did. I threw put 11 or 12 times and the pain was excruciating. I'm glad I healed well and hope the best for you. Sharon Elsie | diva-in-me.com

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