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Hi guys, I'm back from my Korea trip with my brother! It's my second time in Seoul (the last time I visited Seoul was last year May) and to be honest, I still couldn't get enough of this city! This time around, I didn't go to a lot of tourist spots like how I did during my first Korea trip. So if you haven't been to Seoul and are looking for a Seoul travel itinerary + tips for first-timers, you can read my Korea Travel Guide, which I wrote last year.

OK, if you are following my Instagram, you would have probably already seen my pictures with my boyfriend, which I haven't really shared/announced on my blog..I am not sure if you guys could remember, but my previous blog post "The Last Hug" was actually about him. Just to clear off some of your doubts, my boyfriend is not a Korean oppa lolol. He is a Dutch Chinese from Netherlands and we knew each other from the company that I interned at. He is currently studying in Korea as an exchange student until June so I just thought why not I make a trip to Korea to visit him and it's also just in time to catch the cherry blossoms in Seoul too! And I tagged my brother along too so that he can be our personal photographer hahahaha. 

During my recent trip to Seoul (2nd April - 10th April), I revisited some of my favourite places and also discovered some new hipster cafes! And I also went to both Lotte World and Everland this time hahaha *will never get enough of theme parks 

So this is basically my itinerary for this trip - 
Day 1: Hongdae
Day 2: Dongdaemun, Garosugil 
Day 3: Lotte World Theme Park 
Day 4: Bukchon Hanok Village (hanbok experience), Ewha Women's University Shopping Street, Noryangjin Fish Market 
Day 5: Seokchon Lake, Common Ground, Myeongdong 
Day 6: Everland Theme Park 
Day 7: Itaewon, Ewha Women's University Shopping Street (final round shopping haha) 

We stayed in Hotel Maui DDM throughout our trip. It's a newly-opened budget hotel which is located in the vicinity of Dongdaemun. The nearest subway station (Dongmyo) is just 7 mins walk away (which is the main reason why we chose this hotel). There are also 2 convenience stores and quite a lot of restaurants (for example, Kyochon Chicken!) nearby our hotel. Our room is clean and cozy and there's free WiFi!!! We definitely enjoyed our stay there! It just feels like a home away from home! 

You guys can book the hotel through Agoda! 

HOTEL MAUI - 14 Jongro-66 ga gil, Jongro-gu(201-15 Sungin-dong), Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea, 110-550

How to go to Hotel Maui from the airport?
From the airport, get your airport bus ticket [Cheongnyangyi 6002] to Dongmyo bus station. Then from Dongmyo bus station, take a 5 mins walk to Hotel Maui. Airport bus ticket costs 10,000 won. 

Standard Double Room. There are also some empty spaces beside the bed so that you can put your luggage and shopping bags. I would say that this room is just enough for me and my brother! 

 Toilet is really new and clean! 

DAY 1 
Outfit: Top from Blaqmagiklvrs // Skirt from Topshop
I swear this is a candid shot!!
Also another candid shot 
We went to this beautiful cafe - Vant 36.5 Menon - in Hongdae!
When you try to be candid but end up laughing because you think you are being too pretentious...
A warm cup of coffee was just perfect for the chilly and windy weather!

Korean BBQ for dinner! There are quite a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants in Hongdae so we just randomly went into one. 
And Kyochon chicken as supper! This restaurant is just located near our hotel! 

We went to Dongdaemun Design Plaza in the morning to take some pictures. In the afternoon, we went to Garosugil to cafe-hop and shop! There are tons of cool cafes in Garosugil and it's just virtually impossible for us to try everyone of them! So we decided to go for Cafe Mula, which is a cafe with a minimalistic vibe. 

How to go to Garosugil: Get down at Sinsa Station – Line 3, exit 8

LED roses
Outfit: Top from Blaqmagiklvrs // Pants from Korea 
After we are done taking pictures in Dongdaemun, we went to Garosugil - Lobster Shack for lunch!
Green tea tiramisu from Cafe Mula 
Honestly, it is expensive to cafe-hop in Seoul. 💸

GENTLE MONSTER - it's quite hard for us to locate the shop but it's near 3CE Garosugil!

3CE store in Garosugil  

On day 3, we went to Lotte World but unfortunately, it started raining in the afternoon so we didn't get to explore the outdoor attractions 😔 . Thank god there are some indoor attractions and we took the 360 Giant Loop ride and the French Revolution ride (which was really thrilling)! 

How to go to Lotte World: Get down at Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 8), Exit 4. Lotte World is directly connected to the station.
Dream came true ⭐️

On the 4th day, we went to Oneday Hanbok to rent a Hanbok! Oneday Hanbok is super near Bukchon Hanok Village so feel free to tour around the area after renting your beautiful hanbok! 

Btw, the store is usually super crowded so I would suggest you to make a reservation first before going. There are a lot of different designs and sizes available and you can rent their hair accessories and bags too! 

Rental Fare: 
4 hours - 15,000 KRW
1 day (24 hours) - 28,000 KRW

How to go to Oneday Hanbok: Get down at Anguk Station Exit 2, walk straight and you will spot Oneday Hanbok across the road from Jae-dong Elementary School 

After that, we went to Ewha Women's University shopping street for shopping!! It's hands down my favourite place to shop because things are cheaper here!! 

Outfit: Mesh top from Blaqmagiklvrs // Sweatpants from Korea // Jacket from Forever 21 

Headed to Noryangjin Fish Market for a huge seafood feast. You can pick whatever seafood you want and they will cook it for you upon ordering. The entire meal costed us about RM630! 

How to go: Get down at Noryangjin Fish Market station, walk straight then turn right into a tunnel, then Noryangjin Fish Market will be in front of you.
Grilled scallop 
Live octopus!! I didn't eat this though because my stomach is pretty sensitive lately lolol
Freshly-steamed seafood
Grilled abalones with butter
And our main highlight of the night - King Crab woohoooooo
The meal was soooooo good and filling👌

Went to Seokchon lake on our 5th day to see the cherry blossoms!! People, my life is complete!! *tears of joy

Stylenanda Pink Hotel 💓 

DAY 6 
I'd actually been to Everland last year but since it's my brother's first time in Seoul, I decided to bring him there hahaha! You may purchase your tickets in the counter near the entrance.

I couldn't believe that we went for the T-Express ride!!! I didn't dare to go for it last year but this year my boyfriend just forced me to go haahahaha! It was damn fun though, no regrets! 

Outfit: Pink bomber and Rose tee from Blaqmagiklvrs // Skirt from Bershka 
Lazy panda lazing 

On our last day, we didn't do much actually. We pretty much just went to Itaewon in the morning for breakfast, then to Hongdae and Ewha for final round shopping. 

Outfit: Frilled Top from Blaqmagiklvrs // Skirt from Korea 
Bingsu date 💘


I enjoyed it so, so much. Looking back at the pictures makes me smile and reminisce all our good times together. :') 

Don't forget to watch my vlog! 


  1. Seriously you and your boyfriend are so sweet! <3

  2. Seoul absolutely looks dreamy! I love, love, love the pictures of you at Seokchon Lake with cherry blossoms. #goals Also, your OOTD game overseas is super chic! Any tips on how to look stylish abroad?

    We also love your makeup looks, so do pamper yourself in a beauty routine every now and then! :D https://shopprapp.com/style-guides/five-step-pampering-beauty-routine

    Keep on blogging, Jessica! Can't wait to see more of your content. (ps, my heart feels for you when I read the previous blog post titled "The Last Hug"... hope you're feeling better!)

    June from Shoppr

    1. Thanks June! And also thanks for sharing with me the beauty routine! ♡

  3. May i know how much you buy your air ticket ?

  4. the cherry blossoms bloomed perfectly! i was there this april and it wasn't that beautiful yet.


    1. The cherry blossoms only bloomed in Seokchon Lake when I was there! :(

  5. you're so beautiful, i follow your blog, i like n read every you post

  6. YES! Love this post! Great that you enjoyed your time here in Seoul :) The DDP and Common Ground truly are great places to take pictures and I love your outfits (fishnets for life!!).
    xo Laura


  7. Tutorial on how you edit your photos please and what camera do you use? :( :(

    1. Hi there!! I edit my photos with VSCO and Adobe Lightroom. The camera I used is Panasonic Lumix GF7. <3

  8. I'm happy that you spend a lovely time ! It's a great BLOG and VLOG Love ya from Morocco <3

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