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I honestly couldn't believe that it's already mid-June, which means I'm only one month away from graduating (oh yes, I smell freedom!) and 4 months away from my Osaka and Europe trip. I'm absolutely beyond excited!! 😆

The other day, I was talking to my friends about our own traveling plans after graduating. While some of them have many plans to fly here and there after graduating, some of them said they would love to travel but they just don't have the budget to do so. 

Many of you might be wondering why and how I can afford travelling to several countries a year. Am I funded by my parents to travel? Am I sponsored to travel? 

The truth is, most of the time, I pay for my own traveling expenses (flight, accommodation, shopping, etc). I work, I save, I travel. 

Also, I realised that I have different priorities and goals right now. Back then, I used to spend a lot on buying clothes and I used to save a lot of money just to buy designer bags. But now, my motivation to work harder has shifted from buying luxurious items to traveling. I like designer bags (and secretly wish that I had moreeeee money to buy them hahahah), but traveling seems to be like a more worthy investment for myself as of now. There are so many destinations that I want to tick off in my bucket list and I am very excited that I will be travelling to Europe for the very first time this October.

To be honest, you don't have to earn 5 figures a month to travel and I'm saying this based on my personal experiences. 

The key is to travel SMART. 

There are many articles on how to afford traveling even with a low budget. Do your research and read them up as some of the tips shared by other travellers will really help you to plan for your next trip wisely! 

For example, before booking my London flight tickets, I used Traveloka to search for airlines that offer the lowest fares. You guys have no idea how many times I check Traveloka a week to find the cheapest flight to London!!! 

For those who have not heard of Traveloka, it's an app that gathers all travel deals which allow you to find and compare the best price for both flight and hotels. 

Traveloka will display the results from the lowest fare so that you can compare the fares between different airlines! I will be traveling to London with Malaysia Airlines because it offers direct flight + it's the cheapest among the other airlines (fyi, I bought my London return flight tickets at RM2.3k). If you don't want to travel with MAS, you can also check out what other airlines can offer via Traveloka.

Also, if you want to have a last-minute Raya holiday, check out Traveloka's weekly hotel and flight promotions in the month of Ramadhan! 

Not only that, I have discovered that you can now actually pay for your Traveloka flight and hotel bookings in 0% INSTALLMENT PLANS as long as you have a Maybank Credit Card. In other words, you can fly first then pay later with the 0% installment plan for 6 or 12 months!!! 

I know traveling overseas can be quite burdensome, but with this installment plan, you don't have to pay everything upfront! I'm so gonna check out the hotel deals in Traveloka and book them with this installment plan!! Click HERE to find out more about this plan. 😁

So using Traveloka is definitely one of the most useful traveling tips for me. I hope this blog post will get you excited in planning your upcoming trips! 

P.S. Please share with me your travelling tips and recommendations to Osaka and Europe if you have been there!! It would be fantastic if you can share with me your itinerary as well woohoo! 😆


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