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Hey there, welcome to my blog again! Today, I'm going to blog about my 22nd birthday dinner in Sanoook, Sunway Pyramid (Years have been going so fast lately, and I am already 22 omg). 

Just in case you haven't heard of Sanoook, it is a Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant that serves really special fusion delicacies that you probably can't find elsewhere. When I first visited Sanoook and tried its dishes, I was impressed with the unique combination and presentation of two of my favourite cuisines, so I decided to have a birthday celebration with some of my close friends in Sanoook. Thank you Sanoook for hosting my friends and I with so much great food, drinks and of course, 101% hospitality. 💓

Honestly, I can't tell which dish is the best. Every dish tastes unique and amazing to me! 
Marble (fruit) cake from Twenty First Qi Pastries - looks awesome, tastes amazing. I've been their regular customer since 3 years ago and they never failed to amaze me with their creations every single time. Lucy, the owner, is an extremely talented, humble and nice person. I absolutely admired her work and her passion in doing what she loves. 
Surprise macaron tower from Twenty First Qi Pastries! They baked really tasty (not overly sweet) macarons!

Earl Grey and Matcha Madeleine Tower from L'ange Petit Patisserie

Mini unicorn donuts from Donut Worry, Be happy! I'm usually not a big fan of donuts because I don't really fancy sweet stuffs, but THESE donuts stole my heart. Not only do they look etremely adorable, but they also taste really great with the right amount of sugar woohoo!

Thank you BloomThis for sending me my favourite flowers. 

What are birthdays without balloons? Thank you @loveursmiile for these blue and white balloons!

From the left: Adele, Alicia, Michelle, Karen, Tziaaa. I am blessed to know them through blogging/social media! 
Melissa - knew this girl from blogging as well 3 years ago. Thanks for always be there for me!
From the left: Sabrina, Melanie, May, Jxhia. My uni life wouldn't be colorful without them and I hope our friendship never ceases even after graduating.

From the left: Jack, Shenmin, Annie, Coey. They are my close friends since foundation in college, always the craziest bunch. 

With the nuffies, Emily and Shanel. Thanks for making time and bracing the KL jam to attend my birthday! 
I wanna thank my friends for making their time to spend my birthday with me. A small gathering like this with the people that matter really meant so much to me.

A big shoutout to all the sponsors who made my birthday more memorable (and on point with the blue and white theme hehehe). 

Last but not least, thank you for all your birthday wishes on my social media / via texts! 

Turning 22 definitely makes me feel older, but at the same time, I am excited to see what the future has in store for me as it's just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Being 22, some may feel lost and fear of the uncertainties in life while some may have already set their goals and known clearly what they want. If you are not the latter, you know what, it's okay. 

Every day is a new opportunity for you to discover a little more about yourself. So, pick up a new skill, try different things out, do something out of your comfort zone...then you will be able to know what your strengths are, and most importantly, what your passions are.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you again soon! x 



    I like your birthday cake. Hope you enjoyed your day!

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