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If you are looking for a short beach vacation (that won't burn a hole in your pocket), why not pay a visit to Phuket?

I'm so glad that I get to visit Phuket with 2 of my uni friends, Melissa and Sabrina, for a short 4D3N trip last week. It was something like a graduation trip for us as we wanted to reward ourselves and spend time together after our graduation. Before we decide to go to Phuket, we had a dilemma of choosing where to go. We wanted somewhere fun, involves beaches and affordable. After doing our research, we finally came to a conclusion - PHUKET. 

We took a direct flight to Phuket via AirAsia and the return air ticket was only RM235 per person (excluding baggage & meals).


HOTEL IKON PHUKET : 400/2 Patak Road, Karon, Phuket, Thailand 83100

We stayed at Hotel IKON Phuket, which is a relatively new boutique hotel located in Karon. I love this vicinity because it's less crowded as compared to Patong and Phuket town. But don't worry, this area has a lot to offer too. The beautiful Karon beach is just 5 mins drive away from Hotel IKON. Apart from that, there are a lot of local restaurants and convenience stores nearby the hotel too.

There are 4 different room types in Hotel IKON: Superior, Ocean, Ocean Premier & Triple.

We stayed in the Ocean room and requested for an extra bed. The 34sqm superior room features a comfortable double bed (actually it can accommodate 3 of us hahaha), a TV, a balcony and a marble-furnished bathroom with all the basic toiletries (which we are obsessed with). Besides that, the hotel also provides free WiFi to all guests!

Absolutely love this Insta-worthy corner in our room!!

Breakfast buffet in IKON cafe!
Apart from having a spa centre and a gym, the hotel also has 3 restaurants: IKON Cafe (for breakfast and lunch), Ombre Bar & Restaurant and IKON Bites. 

Breakfast by the pool

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone of you who are planning to visit Phuket because it's really clean and INSTA-WORTHY. For those who are obsessed with marble (like me), you will definitely squeal in excitement when you walk into the bathroom.


Day 1: Hotel check-in → Late lunch at Mama Jin restaurant → Patong night market → Dinner at Mr.Good Patong Seafood → Book our island-hopping tour with an agency in Patong

Day 2: Hotel buffet breakfast → Phi Phi Island → Lunch at Phi Phi Island → Sightseeing Viking Cave → Swimming / snorkelling at Khai Island → Karon Beach → Dinner at Ann Restaurant
Day 3: Hotel buffet breakfast → James Bond Island → Canoeing at Hong Island → Panak Island 

Day 4: Chill in the hotel → Karon temple → Off to the airport 


We reached our hotel at 4pm+ on day one, so we decided to pop by Mama Jin restaurant for a late lunch (which is just a five-minute walk away from Hotel IKON). 

Mama Jin serves pretty decent Thai delicacies at truly affordable prices. They did not disappoint at all!

After lunch, we took a tuk-tuk to Patong night market (which has a lot of street food), and walked to Mr.Good Patong Seafood for dinner before we checked out the party place in Patong Beach

(Anyway, we think that Patong Beach will be an interesting place to go for those who enjoy drinking / parties / night life. For us, we didn't really enjoy it and found it disturbing as there were many people approaching us with obscene images of their ping pong show). 

Mr.Good Patong Seafood - they taste mediocre, but were quite affordable. 
How can you not get a coconut drink when you are in Thailand?!

After that, we went to a random local traveling agency to book our island-hopping tours. They have a lot of package choices for island-hopping, depending on which islands you would like to go. Eventually, we booked 2 different round-trip speedboat tours from the agency, which I will explain further below!

Woke up super early for breakfast because the tour driver would come and pick us up from our hotel to the departure lounge. 

Off to Phi Phi Island!! FYI, Phi Phi Island is a small archipelago, which was made up of six islands: Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Leh, Ko Mai Phai ('Bamboo Island'), Ko Yung ('Mosquito Island'), Bida Nok and Bida Nai.

We hopped on a speedboat after tour-briefing and off to the sea! Our first stop was Maya Bay (where 'The Beach' movie was filmed at) and we were greeted by the jewel blue sea and the ocean breeze.

Along the way, we got to take a glimpse of the Viking Cave, which houses the swiftlet birds’ nests.

Here at Khai Island after having lunch in Phi Phi Don. 

Anyway, we were slightly disappointed with Phi Phi Don because it was so crowded that all the speedboats just stopped by the bay and we couldn't take any beautiful pictures. :( 

Found this area in Khai Island which has no crowds so we seized the opportunity to take nice pictures hahaha!

Our island-hopping tour ended at 4pm, and we asked the driver to drop us at Karon Beach instead of our hotel so that we can catch the sunset.
Guess what? We think that Karon Beach is the best of all. It's less crowded as compared to Phi Phi Island and Khai Island.

Capturing moments  
Chasing sunsets 
We had dinner at Ann Restaurant (nearby our hotel), their pineapple fried rice and pad thai were really tasty!

Day three - another island-hopping day!
The boat ride was so much better than day two, apparently the waves were pretty calm this day.

Here we were - James Bond Island, which is famous for its limestone rock formations and beautiful natural landscape.

Bikini from Wandersea.co

After visiting James Bond Island, we headed to Muslim village for lunch (halal food only)! There were also shops selling souvenirs in the village so feel free to shop a bit after lunch.

After filling our tummy with so much good food, we were all pumped up for our next activity - canoeing in Hong Island.

Honestly, this was one of my favourite activities throughout my trip! We felt amazed by the natural beauty of the hidden caves and lagoon as we paddled around. (You should definitely check out my vlog for more!!) 

After canoeing, the tour brought us to Naka island for an excursion. This place offers activities such as snorkelling, parachuting and jet-skiing (yes, you need to pay for these activities). 

We didn't go for any of the activities (due to the lack of time), but we think it's so enjoyable to just lie on the beach, watching people parachuting and having fun. 


After spending two consecutive days on the beach (not to mention, the insane boat ride on our 1st day), we decided to chill and relax on our last day. So we just spent the entire morning and afternoon in the hotel. We had breakfast by the pool, took a few pictures in our Instaworthy room and the pool. Then, we finally headed out for a late lunch at a random restaurant nearby the Karon temple.

 Here at Karon temple (within walking distance from our hotel). The Karon night market will also be held here every Tuesday and Friday! 

So that's all about my Phuket 4D3N trip! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and don't forget to watch my Phuket travel vlog!!


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