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Hello hello!!! I'm back from Osaka, but wait, today I'm not going to blog about my Osaka trip yet because I'm going to share with y'all my Bangkok + Taipei trip with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia. 
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September was full of travelling schedules; it was insane. Let me do a quick recap, just in case you feel lost. On the first week, I went to Taipei for a short 4D3N vacation with my parents. On the second week, I went to Phuket with my friends. And literally 7 hours after I came back from Phuket, I flew to Bangkok and Taipei with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia. 

My trip with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia was splendid and I was so grateful to be invited as one of the bloggers to attend this exclusive (study) trip. The official hashtag for this trip was #MakeBeautifulHappenTrip and I think this trip was more than just beautiful!! 

Why do I say so? Because we got greatly pampered! Check out the highlights of my trip: 

Got treated to a traditional (and much-needed) Thai massage on the first day we reached Bangkok.
Had a scrumptious dinner at Long Table, Bangkok with the team.
Check out our luxurious stay in Pullman Bangkok!

The next day, we visited the Panasonic factory in Bangkok and attended an exclusive workshop!

We got to check out and play around with the new Panasonic hair styling tools! Being a fan of their products (especially their hair dryer), I'm so excited that they will be launching the new Panasonic Ionity hair dryer in Malaysia soon. It's proven to have stronger air flow for fast-drying, and at the same time, it also delivers moisture to your hair so that your hair is smooth and frizz-free after blow-drying! (You guys should totally check out my VLOG for more!!!!)

Also, I was impressed with the Panasonic hair straightener that can create such effortless and natural hair curls! Can you see how shiny and smooth my hair looks??!! I need this tool!! 

After we got our hair beautifully set with the Panasonic hair styling tools, we headed to Buri Tara Wine Bar and Restaurant for dinner. Located by the river, this place has a romantic ambiance and a live band performance which is perfect for a chill night out. 

The next day before we fly to Taipei, we had some free and easy time in Central World. So of course we are not going to let go of our opportunity to have the famous After You dessert!!


Bidding Bangkok good bye, saying hello to Taipei! 

Upon reaching Taipei at 11pm, we had a sinful supper in Formosa Chang, which is popular for its braised pork rice!

The next morning, we went to this health centre for a massage that awakened our senses. It was really stress-relieving omg. 

Then for lunch, we had a unique dining experience in this exquisite restaurant called Shi Yang Shan Fang (食养山房). 

Upon stepping into this place, you will instantly feel calm, peaceful and zen. 

Such a beautiful place! Thanks Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for bringing me here!!! 
(Watch my VLOG for footages of the FOOD!!) 

The next day, we visited Shi Fen and Jiu Fen in Taipei. 

1, 2, 3, smile! 

Second time here in Jiu Fen, and I still can't get over how beautiful this heritage is. 

Continue our eating journey with an afternoon tea in W Hotel, Taipei.

📍 鸟窝窝私房菜

(Before dinner, we shopped around in zhong xiao dun hua (忠孝敦化). I LOVE this area, it somehow feels like I'm in Korea when I'm there!! There are lots of cute clothing shops so remember to go to this area if you want to shop) 

On our second last day in Taipei, we got to attend an exclusive workshop with Judy Lin (Lin Ye Ting)!! (She is really sweet and humble in person!!) From the workshop, I've learned new tips and tricks for skin care and hair care using the latest Panasonic beauty products, such as how to deep cleanse, how to do a simple face-lifting massage with the Panasonic Ion Effector; how to create effortless hair curls with the Panasonic Hair Styler, etc. (MORE FOOTAGES ON MY VLOG!!) 

On our last night in Taipei, Panasonic Beauty Malaysia brought us to the amazing Ding Xian 101 restaurant that serves Taiwanese fine dining. I feel spoiled!! 

The next day, we shopped in Gloria Premium Outlets before flying back to Malaysia. Again, watch my vlog and what good stuff I got from the outlet! :P

Once again, thank you Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for this great opportunity. I enjoyed this trip so much and I am missing all the good food that I had hahahahha. Not only that, I also feel privileged to be one of the firsts to check out their upcoming launches (I'm so going to get the PINK hair dryer when it's launched oh my god, oh wait, and also the hair straightener that works wonders on my hair...shit, I have so many Panasonic beauty products on my wish list now). 

P.S. Don't, don't, don't forget to watch my vlogs (because there are a lot more footages than this blog post hehehe) 


  1. Hey, do you travel to Bangkok quite often? I would love to accompany you on your next trip and maybe I could learn more about the place

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