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Hey guys, this blog post is going to be about Giethoorn - a beautiful, car-free water village in Netherlands. It was about an hour drive from my boyfriend's house, and I'm so glad that he brought me here. It offers a different kind of beauty - nothing like the famous Amsterdam canals nor the Paris Eiffel Tower. Giethoorn's beauty is natural, serene and calming. 

Upon reaching Giethoorn, a rainbow appeared to greet us. And I feel like only in places like this you are able to see a full rainbow right in front of you, without being blocked by any skyscrapers.  
What's there to see in Giethoorn? Picturesque scenery of the nature, cosy thatched cottages, people boating through the canals and you will also be able to spot some ducks swimming gracefully in pairs.

The scenery looks like it's straight out of a fairytale. 

There are organised boat tours, however, you can also rent a small electric boat to enjoy the scenery. 

Away from the hustle and bustle in the city, Giethoorn is a perfect destination if you want to find peace and offers you great relaxation. 


There are also a few restaurants and cafes in this village so that you can take a break while enjoying some local delights. We ordered a Dutch-styled pancake and it reminds me of Roti Canai hahaha!

Surrounding by lush nature, Giethoorn just looks like a dream, a fairytale that drifts away from reality.


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