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Hey guys, a tradition continues on my blog, which is writing a post to reflect and round up my year.

2017 was, overall, a great year for me - it's the year that I have experienced and achieved the most.

I started the year with an unforeseen circumstance that led me to another open door. So that incident made me believe that when one door closes, another opens.

I spent the first 3 months of the year interning. I learned so much, about content creation, client servicing, taking up more responsibilities, dealing with difficult situations when things go wrong, communicating with people, working in a team, etc. Although my internship was only 3 months long, I felt like I have gained so much. Apart from gaining working experience, I also met my current boyfriend (wow, so much gains from an internship huh). 

After internship, I went back to uni to complete my bachelor degree.

In April, I travelled to Seoul with my brother to visit my boyfriend who was studying in Korea as an exchange student. It was cherry blossom season in Seoul that time and it made me so happy seeing all the beautiful pink sakura trees! 

Starting from May onwards, we hustled for our final year project: planning and executing a campaign for a real company. I will never forget about all the brainstorming sessions with my team. Our hard work and effort did not go into waste as my team's proposal got chosen as the #winning proposal, and we got to execute a real campaign based on our proposal with the whole class. It was truly an amazing experience, working with different teams who share the same vision and goal - which is to make our campaign a success. It was definitely not an easy one, but I am glad that we all made it.

In June, we also had several hands-on projects going on. One of the experiences that I could never forget is visiting the patients who suffer from kidney failures in a dialysis centre somewhere in Subang Jaya. We had to plan a campaign to raise funds for the patients, so we visited the patients, interviewed them, listened to their stories, which some of them were really heartbreaking. Again, it stressed how important to take care of your kidneys and never take them for granted.

Somewhere around end of June, my boyfriend finished his studies in Korea and came to KL to visit me. We then travelled to Bangkok together! I loveeee Bangkok; there's so much to explore! I don't mind going back to Bangkok again for cafe-hopping next year. Who's with me?

July was all about preparing for finals.
22nd July - officially done with the last paper and the moment I stepped out from the exam hall after the last paper, I felt relieved, I felt FRESH. It was one of the best feelings ever. Imagine, no more 8am classes, no more stressing out for assignments, no more being stuck in the jam outside Taylors at ungodly hours. I wrote about 10 things that I have learned from uni, feel free to read the post HERE.

After graduating from my bachelor degree, I devoted most of my time in blogging and creating content for my Youtube channel (as well as my part-time jobs).

August 7th, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Jo Malone, a perfume brand that I've been loving way before they engaged me, threw me a birthday party. Never in my life have I thought of working with them, and now, I'm glad and honoured to have worked with them for more than a year!

On my birthday night, I got to celebrate with some of my close friends at Sanoook (Sunway Pyramid) who hosted my birthday party

Besides, Shu Uemura also threw a birthday party for me and I got to meet some of you there!! Honestly, it really makes me so happy being able to meet my readers in person! 

9th August, AirAsia invited me and a few other bloggers to Sihanoukville, Cambodia for a FAM trip. I'd never been to Cambodia so I'm so thankful that AirAsia sent me there. We visited the beautiful and uncontaminated beaches of Sihanoukville and pretty much filled ourselves with finger-licking-good seafood every day during our trip. Sihanoukville is honestly worth a visit!

Starting from September, I was practically living out of a suitcase - but I am definitely not complaining. I kickstarted the month by travelling to Taipei with my parents. It always excites me to visit a country that I've never been to before. And Taipei did not disappoint and I enjoyed it mainly because of the people and culture there. The people were extremely friendly, courteous and generous. Read my 4D3N Taipei trip HERE.

1 week after coming back from Taipei, I flew to Phuket with my girls - Melissa and Sabrina. Also, it was my first time in Phuket and if you are a fan of beaches, you should definitely visit Phuket - it's affordable yet fun! We basically went island-hopping in Phuket and I got so much tanner after the trip hahaha. Nevertheless I did have a good time with my girls and I am now missing the hotel breakfast at Hotel IKON Phuket right now.

Right after my Phuket trip (7 hours after I landed in KL from Phuket), I had the opportunity to fly to Taipei + Bangkok with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for a study trip. Hahah the schedule was crazy but travelling is always so exciting. I couldn't believe that I got to visit Taipei twice in a month omg! I had such an amazing time with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia; we got pampered way too much with all the special arrangements such as spa treatments, staying in a 5-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok, high-tea at W-hotel Taipei with the Taipei 101 view, a luxurious dinner at the highest floor of Taipei 101, etc. I even got to check out their upcoming launches so I was really grateful for this opportunity!

My travelling journey continued in October - Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.
Japan is one of my favourite countries, so I was really stoked to visit 3 new cities in Japan. I wrote a full travel guide on my blog, so feel free to check it out if you are planning to visit Japan in the near future. I love Japan and I guess I will never get bored of this country. Kyoto is beautiful and culturally rich, Osaka is lively, vibrant and it strikes a perfect balance of modernity and tradition while Nara is famous for its temples and deers. I miss Japan and I'm definitely going back next year.

Then fast-forward to mid October - my Europe dream came true. Damn I still couldn't believe that I visited Europe this year. It felt like a dream...



I got to reunite with my boyfriend. We got to visit so many different cities together: London, Groningen, Giethoorn, Amsterdam, Paris, Antwerp, Brussels, Hamburg and Rome. Every city has its own beauty, but my favourite ones are Paris and Rome (though they are rated as the 'dangerous' cities in Europe hahaha). Visiting Europe has been one of my biggest dreams, and to be able to make my dreams come true at this age, I feel truly grateful and blessed. I spent 3 weeks in Europe, reluctant to leave and cried at the airport while waving my boyfriend good-bye. He promised that he will visit next year, and I promised I will wait for him.

Europe was my last stop for the year. When I come back from Europe, everyone asked me the same question: "So, where's next?" 

Haha so far I have no travelling plans yet, but I won't let my travelling journey stop next year for sure. But right now, I am planning for a big project which is yet to be revealed, so hopefully everything goes well and I will be able to share with you what it is about next month!

Oh, and a few weeks ago, I went back to Taylor's to collect my official transcript. All the memories of my uni life just sprung up. Gotta give myself a pat on the back because I survived uni life, and graduated with a a first-class honours degree. I couldn't be any happier because all my blood, sweat and tears were paid off. And I am so grateful for my uni friends - they played such a huge role in my uni life and gave me motivation, inspiration and strength that kept my fuel going.

So yeah, this post basically sums up my year - it was definitely one of the best years in my life despite the tough times.

I am perpetually grateful for everything - for the good times and the bad times, for all the opportunities that knocked on my door this year, for all the love and support from my friends and family and of course, you.

Thank you.

For those who didn't have a great year, you know what, it's okay.
As cliche as it sounds, a new year is coming really soon and there's no better time to start anew.
Learn from the past, but never hold too much grief. Life is all about learning and finding yourself, and constantly improving yourself.

I wish you good luck, happy holidays and a happy new year. 😘



  1. I can't wait for your 'big' project hehehehe

    1. Hope everything goes well and I will be able to share with you guys in January!! <3

  2. Wow.. it's really a roller coaster ride in your life in 2017. I love how organized and structured you are in everything, your life is basically perfect. But I also do sense how much effort and trails and error you must have gone through to achieve all the success in life. I am an avid reader of your blog and I don't usually comment on your blog or Insta, but this blog post is LIT and I'm just very moved by how much you have actually grown over the years. You really took leaps of faith and experienced so much at such a young age, and I'm sure the experiences will all shape you into the best version of yourself in the future, Jessica. Really happy for you, and I hope you have a great 2018 ahead! Can't wait for the reveal of your big project!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment for me! I definitely do not think that my life is perfect, it has ups and downs but most importantly, it's all about our perspective and how we can change our mindset to think at the positive side. I hope you will have an amazing year ahead too!!

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