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Brussels is arguably one of the most beautiful cities I'd ever been to - it has a collection of buildings with really remarkable architecture which is also full of historical significance and value to the city. 

I had the opportunity to visit to Brussels (the capital city of Belgium) during my previous Europe trip. My boyfriend drove us to the city from Netherlands, and the journey took about 4 hours. We parked our car in a paid parking space nearby Sofitel Hotel, and walked to most of the major attractions. 

Very true to its name, The Grand-Place,  the iconic central square of the City of Brussels is really GRAND. In the past, it's a place where people traded goods. Upon arriving, I was astonished by the buildings in the city - they are tall, magnificent and richly and finely decorated with sculptures and golds. 

Rainbow crossings! How cute! 
Even a cafe looks so majestic omg!

I am sure you have heard of Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles and Belgian fries! I finally had the chance to try out these famous Belgium desserts. In Brussels, there are chocolate shops EVERYWHERE! 

Love how they arranged their desserts in such an aesthetically pleasing way! 
Boyfriend queued and bought these waffles (quite pricey but I don't remember the exact price anymore) from a popular waffle shop named Maison Dandoy. Since I'm not a big fan of all-things-sweet, I don't find this waffle extremely impressive or whatnot. But well, at least I have tried them once in my life!
Besides Maison Dandoy, you can also find really cheap waffles in Brussels! 

My mom was obsessed with chocolate-shopping in Brussels and we were definitely spoilt for choices. Mary Chocolatier has really nice packaging and the price point also gravitates to the high-end side. 
What is everyone queuing up for? Yes, Belgian FRIES! We stumbled upon this shop called Fritland and saw a beeline in front of it, so we thought we ought to give a try! 
These are indeed the BEST fries I've ever had in my life!!! I don't usually eat fries but these were really deliciously crispy yet tender at the same time. Literally the best thing to have on a cold, windy day in Brussels! 

We also walked all the way to check out this little yet famous Manneken Pis sculpture - the emblem of Brussels. There are many different tales about this little boy, but I honestly do not know which to trust haha!

At night, the city was brightly illuminated, making the night view even more mesmerising. 

After dinner, we headed back to Netherlands and that wraps up our one day trip in Brussels. 


  1. i really love all of your photos

  2. What a nice trip via your stunning photos and blog. Brussel is so beautiful, hope someday I could visit this city, see the great architecture and that rainbow crossings.

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