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Many of you DM-ed me on Instagram for my Khao Yai itinerary, so I'm glad to share it with you guys right now! 

In my previous post, I blogged about where I stayed in Khao Yai as well as how you can go to Khao Yai from Bangkok. Feel free to click HERE to read.


So here's my 3D2N itinerary: 

✧ Day 1 
- From Bangkok DMK airport to Thames Valley Khao Yai (our hotel) 
- Checked in our hotel 
- Primo Piazza 
- Afternoon tea at Thames Valley
 - Spa at Rose Spa, Thames Valley 
- Dinner at Thames Valley 

✧ Day 2 
- Breakfast at Thames Valley 
- Palio Village 
- Sunflower field 
- My Ozone (horse riding) 
- Baan Mai Chat Nam (vintage museum restaurant) 
- Hobbit House (Baan Suan Noi)
- Dinner at Thames Valley 

✧ Day 3 
- Breakfast at Thames Valley
- The Bloom 
- PB Valley Winery 
- Bye Khao Yai, off to Bangkok 


✧ Primo Piazza 
○ Entrance fees: 200 Baht 
○ A small Italian-inspired landmark 
○ There are cafes, restaurants and gelato shops 
○ Highlight: Feeding the alpacas! 

We definitely felt fascinated upon arriving Primo Piazza. It felt like we had arrived in Italy!  
My dress from www.thejemlabel.co definitely blended well with the atmosphere heh!

Look at all these beautiful terracotta-toned buildings!

Definitely a photo-worthy spot. 

Off to feed the alpacas! 

It wasn't crowded at all during our visit so we got to take pictures really easily without anyone photo-bombing lolol.

First time seeing an alpaca in real!!! They are honestly so cute!
Feeding them was definitely one of the happiest highlights of my day.

Bye Alpacas! 

✧ Afternoon Tea @ Thames Valley ✧ 

After visiting Primo Piazza, we headed back to our hotel to indulge in our afternoon tea.

✧ Spa @ Thames Valley ✧ 
Later in the evening, we went for full body oil and aroma massage at Rose Spa (which is located in the hotel as well). 

✧ Dinner @ Thames Valley ✧ 
Dinner with this super magnificent view. 

A perfect way to end the night. P.S. It was only 18 degree celsius at night and we felt like we were in Genting Highlands omg. 

 ✧ Breakfast @ Thames Valley 
Kickstarted our day with a wholesome breakfast spread at our hotel! 
I don't think I can ever get bored of this view!

✧ Palio Village 
After breakfast, our driver drove us to our first destination - Palio Village (only a 10-minute drive away from our hotel). Inspired by Tuscan village, Palio Village is a little picturesque shopping centre filled with small souvenir shops and cafes! 

○ A MUST-VISIT because this place is too pretty (NO entrance fees) 
○ Visit the cat cafe 

Am I in Italy or Thailand...?!?!

Mesmerised by this place! 
Freaking beautiful maze!! 
Visited a cat cafe! 

My boyfriend thinks that this cat is cool, what do you think?

✧ Sunflower Field 
One of the main reasons why I visited Khao Yai is because of the sunflower field. The sunflowers typically bloomed from late November to January. It also highly depends on the weather as well. Just when we thought we wouldn't be able to catch the sunflower season anymore during our visit, our private driver actually went to ask around to see if there's still any sunflower fields for us to visit!!! He drove us to the one opposite Tuscany Valley and we were stoked when we reached the place. 

It was blooming with happiness and sunshine. And the person told us that we were lucky, because most of the sunflower fields were already closed this season. I am so grateful for our driver from Klook - this is definitely one good thing about having a local driver while getting around in Khao Yai rather than driving yourself because you might actually miss out some really nice local places if you are driving yourself.

Oh my sunshines, here I come! 

P.S. There were actually BEES surrounding the flowers...and here's me trying to act all happy and giggly but deep down I wanted to cry already hahahahah 

✧ My Ozone (castle-looking resort) 
This was not in our planned itinerary but our driver recommended us this place. He asked whether we wanted to go a castle and we were like oh why not??? 

Upon reaching this place, Joanne and I had our jaws dropped. The architecture was insane. My Ozone is actually a luxury hotel in Khao Yai and many people actually took their wedding photos here!! 

○ Highlight: HORSE RIDING 
I paid 100 thai baht for a picture with the horse in front of the castle. My princess dream came true omg.  

Joanne said she would want to throw her wedding ceremony here in the future hahahha.

Insanely luxurious interior - I am shook. 

I took the courage to ride on the horse (come to think of it, actually it was quite dangerous because I wasn't given a helmet or something, thank god the horse was a kind one lol) 

✧ Baan Mai Chat Nam (Museum Restaurant) 
○ Come here if you love all things vintage and retro 

It felt as if I've been teleported to the 70s! 

Our Thai-licious lunch! 

✧ Hobbit House 
Khao Yai is just full of surprises. When we found out that they have hobbit-house-themed resort, we were like oh my god. Yes, these hobbit houses are actually hotels but you can pay a small fee to go in and take pictures! 

○ Entrance fees: 50 Thai Baht 

This house is legit. 

 The Bloom  
After checking-out our hotel, our driver picked us up and drove us to The Bloom, a flower garden. Personally, I don't think it's worth a visit. I was expecting a lot of flowers actually but the garden just looked rather sad lol. 

○ Entrance fees: 200 Thai Baht

 PB Valley Winery  
Our last visit in Khao Yai was PB Valley Winery - the largest vineyard in Khao Yai. 
○ Entrance fees: About 300 Thai Baht (including the tour + wine tasting) 
○ Get to know how wine is made and produced here 

"Do not pluck the grapes" 

After visiting PB Valley Winery, we officially bid Khao Yai good-bye and headed to Bangkok with our private driver. 

It was definitely a short yet memorable trip in Khao Yai. Khao Yai was eye-opening and definitely a true hidden gem of Thailand. We went there without high expectations but came home with a collection of beautiful, unforgettable memories. 

There are certainly more places to visit in Khao Yai, for example the Khao Yai National Park, Khao Yai zoo, Chocolate Factory, etc! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for my Khao Yai travel vlog! ♥ 

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