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Oh hi! I haven't been blogging much lately and I am so sorry about it! Can you believe that the first month of the year is already over? Seriously? 

I have been caught up with work since January and I'm definitely not complaining about it. I would honestly rather be productive than doing nothing at home. And the fact that I am turning 23 this year makes me even want to seize every opportunity and work harder. 

In January, I finally launched an online clothing store - THE JEM LABEL with my best friend and partner, Melissa (a.k.a. Melissa1010). 

So what inspired us to do this? The story goes like this...

One day I was hanging out with Melissa, and she told me this: "I want to start a business. Are you interested?" 

I'm like "Um yea, of course. What kind of business though?" 

She thought I was not taking her seriously, so she emphasised it again by saying: "I'm serious!! I want to be an entrepreneur." 

I wasn't kidding though when I said "sure". Ever since I graduated from uni, I've always wanted to start my own business. Be an entrepreneur. Be my own boss. And one day, I want to feel proud of myself and not regret over the opportunities that I didn't take when I had the chance. 

Then we agreed immediately that we are so going to launch our very own clothing store. We want to empower all the ladies out there to feel confident through our style and eventually BE confident of themselves. 

From that day, we started working. 

We had a meeting. And in that meeting, we decided on our brand name, concept, value proposition, marketing plan, etc. 

Why did we name our brand JEM? 
It's an idea from Melissa and when she told me about it, I was like OK. NICE. 

JEM = JEssica + Melissa. 

And it rhymes with the word "gem". So why not? 

We started outsourcing for quality and value pieces, designing our own label and packaging, communicating with suppliers and making negotiations. 

I developed a marketing proposal - analysing the buying trends of consumers nowadays and the fashion market in Malaysia, coming out with brand concept, marketing strategies, etc. (I can finally put the knowledge that I've gained from my uni to use haha). 

Meanwhile, Melissa set up the entire website: purchasing our own domain name, designing our website, etc. 

We made our way down to SSM to register our company. We made a few trips to the bank to open a company bank account (trust me, we went through a lot of hassles before we could open a company bank acc...don't wanna specify which bank la but you guys would know if you make transaction on our website hahahahah).

After getting our stock, we examined each piece carefully, making sure that the quality is good enough to be sold to our customers.

Here's a super nerd face of me working in the studio as a hairstylist HAHAHAH (not really, all I did was to make sure that the model's hair is straight and in place lol)

We then booked a studio, hired a model, and there, we had our first official shoot for THE JEM LABEL. All the photos in our website were shot by Joanne, she volunteered to help with our shoot and we can't be anymore thankful. 

After the shoot, we had to process the photos with some necessary editing work before we could upload to our online store. I was sitting in front of my laptop, editing all the photos until 1am. My eyes were tired from staring at the screen for too long, but my heart was burning with passion. 

I love what I am doing. I enjoy what I am doing. 

Finally, on 28th January, we officially launched THE JEM LABEL.
I was really excited as I really want to share this piece of happiness with everyone. 

So, did we make a lot of money from this? 
Honestly, no. Considering the fact that our cost (for studio rental, model, stock, shipping fees and marketing cost) is pretty high, we honestly did not make a lot of money (yet hahaha). 

And to be frank, our sale didn't really go well when it was first launched. 

I was sad and I wondered what went wrong? I did everything I could to push my brand out there, but why isn't it working? Melissa told me to be more patient, have less expectations, and just try to do our best. 

It took us about 3-4 days to get our first official order and when we received the order, I honestly wanted to burst into tears. It was tears of joy. And I messaged Melissa and told her how happy I felt. 

THE JEM LABEL has been launched for a week now, and I'm so happy to say that we are actually doing not bad! Our Jennie Kimono Top and Melanie Tweed Jacket were sold out, and many items were running low in stock!! 

Thank you for those who trust and support us. You have no idea how much your trust and support mean to us. 

We are in the midst of preparing for the launch of our second collection - which will drop on the 11th of February. For those who followed our Instagram (@thejemlabel.co), you guys would have probably seen the sneak peek and behind-the-scene IG stories! 

So ya, that's the story of how we launched THE JEM LABEL

Dreams are just dreams until you wake up and make them come true. 

And thank YOU, for supporting our dreams. 


  1. this is very inspiring Jessica! definitely a boost of inspiration and motivation as I am in the process of learning and prepping myself to be an entrepreneur too. jia you!

  2. u r so pretty. i'll never get tired of saying this haha

  3. I was always wanted to start my business when I am studying my degree! I am just really hoping to earn some income with what I like to do ! I tried once with my friends but eventually we failed because of some issues. I am still trying to get the chance to start off again ! You're inspiring, thanks !