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It's undeniably true that I am a big fan of cafe-hopping. I'm the kind of person who is always on the hunt for beautiful cafes, no matter I am in KL or overseas.

 I know Bali has some really Instagram-worthy cafes, so I spent my last day in Bali (technically, one and a half hour) cafe-hopping in Seminyak area with Zippy. 

There are A LOT of nice cafes in Bali but too bad, the time we had in Bali was really short. However, we managed to visit 4 cafes within that short period!! Honestly, it was really rush and I nearly missed my flight because of cafe-hopping. But oh well, "do it for the gram."

(Please do not learn from me)

Anyway, here's the list of cafes that we went to in Bali! Enjoy!! 

1) Sea Circus Bali  
Nope, it's not an actual circus. Sea Circus is a cafe that serves a little bit of everything, from coffee to cocktail, breakfast, smoothie bowls, tapas, and more! 

With the colourful exterior, Sea Circus Bali is really hard to miss!

We ordered an Acai Bowl (don't you feel like Acai Bowls are just "mandatory" in Bali? Hahaha)

We also ordered some tacos and milkshake.
I love a interior that boasts a spectrum of colours like this! It just makes my mood better haha!
2) Neon Palms 
Just a one-min walk away from Sea Circus, Neon Palms is a sister cafe that is just recently opened by Sea Circus. They serve all-day brunch, coffee, cocktail and wine! What I love about Neon Palms is its amazing wall art featuring different animals like flamingos, zebra and leopard. Super adorable and Insta-worthy!

3) Motel Mexicola 
Inspired by the Mexican, this restaurant has a really flashy and funky interior with clashing and bold prints. Every corner is literally a photo spot! However, due to its open air design, it can be extremely hot and stuffy especially during a hot weather. Well, that's when I feel super thankful for their freshly-squeezed watermelon juice haha! 

4) Mad Pop Bali 
And the last stop that we went to is MAD POP BALI! The ice-cream shop with the infamous "Ice Ice Baby" neon sign. Ya, I know, we are super basic hahahah, but I just wanted to pop by and see what's so hyped about it. Well, it turned out that it is just a tiny ice-cream shop that you just grab and go (no seating). And it's just filled with tourists. We didn't get to take a lot of pictures here because people were lining up to take picture with the sign as well, so here's the only shot we managed to get. 

好啦 打卡了啦 满意了啦 

All the cafes listed above are pretty near to each other. You can simply order an Uber to navigate around! That's all I want to share today and I can't wait to visit Bali again for more cafe-hopping!! 

Please send me your list of Insta-worthy cafes in Bali if you have any! x

Watch my Bali vlog:


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