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Japan is and will always be my favourite country. I have travelled to Tokyo for already 3 times so far, and to be honest, I still want to revisit Tokyo again!! My friends always ask: What is so special about Tokyo that makes you want to revisit again and again? 

And I would always say: the culture, the people, the atmosphere and the food. Basically everything. 

Last year around December, I booked my flight ticket to Tokyo with my BFF, Joanne. We wanted to visit Tokyo for its cherry blossom season in April this year. This time around, we travelled with ANA (Japanese airline) and the ticket costed around RM1.6k per person. The fare offered by other airlines was quite high as well due to the peak season so we thought we ought to go for ANA. 

For our accommodation, we booked a studio-concept Airbnb which I have already shared in a separate blog post. Click HERE to read it. 

So in this blog post, I will be sharing some of the fun and unique things that we did in Tokyo this time. Feel free to include these activities into your itinerary if you find them interesting!! 

1) Visit Tokyo Disneysea 

The one and only Disneysea in the world is in Tokyo so you shouldn't miss it when you visit Tokyo. This is my 2nd time in Tokyo Disneysea and I still can't get over how beautiful and lively this place is. Some of the must-go attractions are Tower of Terror, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits. If you are not so much of an adrenaline junkie, there are also fun rides like the Toy Story Mania or you can just walk around and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Disneysea! 
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2) Visit the Robot Restaurant 

I was a bit skeptical about visiting the Robot Restaurant at first because I thought it would be a waste of money. However, it did really impress me. Apparently, it's not really a restaurant because all the audiences will be ushered into a hall with limited seats. And you can choose to pre-order your meals and drinks or you can choose to purchase only the entrance ticket. The performance totally blew my mind; Joanne and I were in awe and we enjoyed it so much. We could feel the positive energy and passion that radiated from the performers/dancers. It is this performance that made us feel like we are truly in Tokyo and that we are truly experiencing the quirky Harajuku culture. It was full-house during our visit so I strongly recommend you to purchase your entrance tickets first prior your visit to avoid disappointment!!
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3) Go-Kart 

I used to play racing games with my brother when I was young, and guess what? Japan brought racing game to life and made your racing dream come true. Cruise around the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart with your friends in your favourite costume! We went for our go-kart activity at night and it was really exciting driving around on the lively streets of Tokyo, illuminated with the neon billboards and city lights!! Damn it was my first time driving in a foreign country and it was hella fun. You can choose to have a tour guide or feel free to drive without a guide if you want! 
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4) Wear a Kimono 

I never get the chance to wear a kimono during my previous visits to Tokyo, so this time I told myself I have to do it!! We rented our kimono from this store called 浅草爱和服 in Asakusa. It's really easy to locate as it's situated nearby the subway station. The staffs speak fluent Chinese and their service is amazing. You get to choose the kimono design that you want, and you can even choose the hairstyle you like!! It takes about 30-45mins to prepare (depending on the crowd), and after that, you can stroll around in Asakusa, visit the Sensoji temple and take lots of photographs! Also, a lot of tourists requested to take pictures with us hahah!
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5) Claw machines 

Claw machines are one of the best things about Japan - quote by my friend, Joanne. She is a huge fan of the claw machines and she dragged me there almost every day haha. The arcade centres in Tokyo usually have claw machines and the purikura machines, so be ready to spend an hour or so in the arcade centre! My friend won about 10 toys from the claw machines, what's your highest record? ;) 

6) Purikura 

Purikura is a MUST-DO in Japan (no matter how much you hate its exaggerating edits hahaha)! It's all for the fun memories! Purikura machines can be found in Shinjuku, Akihabara, etc! 

7) Vintage Shopping 
If you are a vintage-lover, Tokyo will be a great shopping heaven for you. If you have time, go and hunt down some vintage stores around in Tokyo and indulge yourself in the world of retro fashion. I found this vintage store in Takeshita Street, Harajuku and it carries so many denim sweatshirts and even vintage branded scarves. I couldn't resist myself and bought a Dior vintage scarf even though I don't wear scarves often. Please recommend me some vintage store you know in Tokyo!! 

8) Spend a day in Harajuku

Harajuku is my FAVOURITE area in Tokyo. It's not only a popular shopping district where you can shop for Harajuku-styled apparels, accessories, etc, it's also a place where FASHION HAS NO BOUNDARIES. You can be wearing neon-coloured socks and nobody will judge you for that, I promise. There are also a few crepe shops (oh, crepes are insta-worthy but don't really taste good imo), cafes and restaurants here. I love this street - it's super vibrant and fascinating. If you are tired of shopping in Harajuku already, you can also walk to the nearby Meiji Jingu Shrine for a leisure stroll in the park.

Disclaimer: Some of the activities above are sponsored by Klook, however, the opinions are my own.
Anyway, you can get RM20 OFF your first booking with Klook if you key in this special code: KLOOKJESSICA upon checkout. Check out their website as they offer so many more activities/experiences around the world!

That's all I want to share today!! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and don't forget to watch my Japan vlogs! 


  1. Hi, it's very pricey to visit Japan but I am still going to visit it at least once. Did you go to other cities as well? I am looking through your blog. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. You both look so pretty in the kimono - I never would have thought the ladies in kimono at Sensoji Temple were tourists! Tokyo is an enchanting city, isn't it? Wish I had tried the purikura machine, though.

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