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On 5th of October, I was invited to join the "McDonald's Turun Padang day" alongside with other members of the media, office staffs, franchisees, business partners, etc.

What's McDonald's Turun Padang day?
It's actually a yearly event held in different McDonald's branches to celebrate and give recognition to all McDonald's restaurant crews here in Malaysia. So basically, we will get to work in the kitchen and see how McDonald's operates on a daily basis.

You will never understand a role of a restaurant crew in McDonald's until YOU become a part of it, which is why I am sharing my experience here with you as a McDonald's restaurant crew for a day!

The branch I was allocated to is located in Putrajaya. Upon arriving, the first thing that came to my mind was "Wow, this branch is busier than I thought!" The restaurant was filled with patrons making a bee line in front of the counter to order their food, and patrons enjoying their meals happily with their family and friends. 

Super excited to be a crew!
After a short briefing with the team, the restaurant manager led us to the kitchen and gave us a tour about each working station. She mentioned that in McDonald's, they highly emphasise on QUALITY, ACCURACY & FRIENDLINESS.

In addition, she also asserted that CLEANLINESS is another key element that they strive to achieve in the restaurant. To do so, they have a system whereby all restaurant crew members have to wash their hands EVERY HOUR. They even have a tablet system to count how many times each crew washes his/her hands, which is really impressive! Also, I also noticed that the kitchen (regardless the floor or the cooking utensils) was really clean (not even kidding!). 

After a short tour around the kitchen, we were asked to wear an apron and a shower cap before we start switching roles as a restaurant crew member! 

I was first assigned to the drink station where I had to prepare the soft drinks according to the customers' order as shown on the monitor screen. 

Then, I was assigned to the drive thru station where I had to serve the right orders to the drive thru customers. This was honestly pretty challenging because this station requires ACCURACY AND SPEED at the same time. Apart from delivering the right orders, I also had to present myself with friendliness to the customers as McDonald's is all about delivering "feel-good moments" to customers. But I can definitely say that practice makes perfect as the other McDonald's crews are already well-trained and able to do this so efficiently without panicking despite the heavy amount of orders (the orders kept coming in for real!!)

Here's my boyfriend working at the fries station hahhaa.

Hi, welcome to McDonald's! 

Hi, your drinks are ready!

  During the 2 hours of our shift, we were constantly working in the super fast-paced environment. We were all so focused on completing our tasks that the time flew by so fast. Only at the end of our shift we realised how exhausting this job is. Despite the hectic working environment, somehow everyone was still able to create a fun atmosphere to work in!

Not only was this a fun experience, it was also an experience that gave me new insights and perspectives about working in McDonald's. Definitely appreciate how all the McDonald's crew members are constantly working hard to improve their work efficiency and quality to serve us better!

Also, thank you McDonald's for this great experience! x

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