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Hey guys, today I will be sharing a skin care product that I've been using non-stop lately. It's the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence.

For those who are following my Instagram (@jessicachaw), you guys would have probably seen me posting about this product a lot. I took up an 8-day challenge with the brand, and basically, the 8-day challenge is about me using the product (and only the product) for 8 consecutive days. 

Ok, so what are the benefits of this product and what does it do for your skin?

This product is suitable for ALL skin types and has 8 major benefits for your skin. 
1) Younger-looking skin
2) Clearer-looking skin
3) Feels skin is rebalanced
4) Smoother skin
5) Hydrates your skin
6) Protects skin barrier
7) Increases skin firmness
8) Reduces skin sensitivity by soothing skin redness

The product also claims to have drastic effects on your skin after using it for 8 days.
In 8 days, the product will help your skin to become smoother, softer and younger-looking!

So I did the experiment, tried the product out myself for 8 days consecutively, and here I am, giving you guys my honest thoughts about the highly-raved product. 

During the experiment, I did not use any other skin care products in both of my morning and night skin care routine because I feel like, in this way, I'm only be able to tell the differences on my skin and show it to y'all clearly.

There are 2 ways that you can use the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence.

Shake well and use it after toner. Pour a few drops on the palm of your hand and lightly spread on the face with fingers, lightly dabbing your face.


Shake well and pour a few drops to soak the cotton pads. Place the soaked cotton pads on your face and leave them on for 5-10 minutes as a water pack mask. 

I tried the 2nd method (water pack mask) when I first got the product. Honestly, I can feel a tiny tingling sensation on my skin after leaving the soaked cotton pads on my face for 5 minutes. I was told that it's actually absolutely normal to feel the tingling sensation, as it is doing its job in renewing your skin. (Life plankton is actually a rare natural living ingredient with extraordinary skin renewing powers). After using the product as a mask, I poured a few more drops on my palm, and lightly dabbed it on my skin, so that the product is deeply penetrated into my skin.

I love the texture of the product. It's watery and extremely lightweight. It immediately gets absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin really soft and silky. 

So are there really any differences after using it for 8 days?

YES. An absolute yes. I notice that it improves my skin texture significantly and my skin texture feels so much smoother and softer. Also, my skin becomes clearer (it helps to lighten my stubborn acne marks as well!!). Now I can also head out without applying any foundation and this is when I feel like this product is doing so much wonders on my skin. My friends are all amazed when I tell them that my skin has no foundation on at all!! They also told me that my skin is much more supple and radiant-looking!!

Honestly, I am really amazed with the results and of course I am still using it even though my 8-day challenge ended hahaha. I also got one for my mom and she loves it as well!! 

So if you are looking for a product that improves skin texture and gives you a clearer skin, I would definitely suggest the Biotherm Life Plankton Clear Essence. It's retailing for RM226 for a 125ml bottle and you can get it in all Biotherm beauty counters as well as on Lazada Malaysia!

Don't forget to watch my FULL REVIEW VIDEO:


  1. Thank you for reviewing the product. I have never tried any products from Biotherm, gotta give this clear essence a try.

  2. Hi , i confused about life Plankton clear essence and life Plankton essence, is it does same function? Or they are same as skii clear lotion and skii treatment essence?

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  5. Hi, I bougth this product too. Before using the essence we should shake it well, right? After shaking then open the cap of the bottle, do u faced the problem which is the essence will direct spilled out??

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