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I know making new year resolutions may sound a lil too cheesy, cliche or typical. But hey, if it makes you realise what you need to CHANGE. Why not?

Most of the people are just way too accustomed to their current way of living that they don't feel motivated and that they don't feel the NEED to change. Interestingly, there's always a sense of excitement at the start of a new year. And making new year resolutions is also a way of clearing your mind, helping you to reflect on yourself.

So, guys, make use of this sense of excitement,
To set yourself new goals.
To make yourself realise what you need to change,
and to give yourself the motivation to change!

I reflected on the past year and realise that I want to improve on so much more. So I made a list of new year resolutions for myself.

1) To workout more often
- I have already set fitness goals as well as a workout schedule for myself!

2) To pick up a new skill.
- I've always wanted to learn dancing!
- Go for pilate / yoga / boxing!

3) To travel to new places.
- I want to visit so many new places..China, Vietnam, Turkey...the list is exhaustive!

4) Start saving MORE money.
- Actually, I just signed up for a saving plan and I'm saving a few hundred bucks monthly. It's not a big amount, but hey, at least it's better than none!

5) Learn to control my emotions.
- I'm quite a hot-tempered person...so I'm learning how to control my emotions and be kind to people.

6) Create fresh and new content / to collaborate more with people
- I guess people have always known me as a beauty, fashion and travel content creator. But this year, I want to try new things and create contents of different genre.
- Perhaps fitness videos? Or more "how-to" videos?

7) To practice gratitude more often.
- To be more thankful for good opportunities, for people that are around me, and for the little things in life.

8) Be positive and be surrounded with positive people.
- Time to cut off toxic friendships and be surrounded with people that motivate you to do better in life
- To be able to think at the bright side for every situation

9) To stick to my new year resolutions.
- Of course, I need to walk the talk and stand behind my own new year resolutions! It's so important to make small and realistic resolutions and keep track of your own progress.

How about you? What are your new year resolutions? Share with me!


  1. I am sure that this year will be blessed for you. It was nice to check out your resolutions for this year.

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  4. Goodluck! and Happy New Year too!


  5. To be more passionate and caring....

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