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Hey guys! Over the weekend, I travelled to Bangkok with my boyfriend for a short 4D3N trip and I thought I will share with y'all the hotel that we stayed at - Vie Hotel Bangkok.

Located at the heart of Bangkok that nestles the grand shopping malls and literally just a few steps away from BTS Ratchathewi Station, Vie Hotel Bangkok is a 5-star boutique hotel that gives you an easy access to the best spots in the city!

The room that we stayed at was the Executive Suite. Comes with a spacious living room, this suite is extremely spacious and can accommodate up to 3 people!
Beside the living room, there's also a work space as well.
Living room (I loveeee lounging here after a long day!)

Flat screen TV in the living room

And our lovely king-sized bed! Upon entering our room, we immediately fell in love with the cozy vibe that the room offers!

Mini bar
Besides, there's also a gym (it's like a legit gym that has full on equipment omg) at the 10th floor of the hotel. 

The reception area is also really beautiful and IG-worthy!

Vie Hotel Bangkok also serves breakfast buffet as well, though the selection is not super extensive, they do serve the basics and also healthy options like fresh juice, salad, yoghurt, cereals, etc!

Thank you so much to Vie Hotel Bangkok for such a wonderful stay and we absolutely enjoyed it!
If you are interested to stay in Vie Hotel Bangkok, do check out their website for special deals and promotions. 

Speak soon! x


  1. which application do you use to post-process your pictures, jess? they look fantastic!


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