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2019 has been a wonderful and fruitful year for me. As I'm reading back my 2019 New Year Resolutions blog post, I'm so glad that I actually achieved some of my goals while some other goals also have an encouraging progress.

Here are some of my humbling and fascinating moments of my 2019:

- Got invited to Penang for CHARIS x UFCO Event
It's been years since I last visited Penang and I honestly find this city so authentic and beautiful (will definitely be back soon!) It was also super fun to be a part of the event and I was so happy to have met so many new friends from all around the world as well as getting to know the CHARIS team better! Thank you Charis and UFCO for organising this!

- Singapore with Josephine
Right after Penang, I flew to Singapore with Josephine for a short work trip courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa. Can't believe I actually touched and even fed stingrays in at Adventure Cove Waterpark! 

- Travelled to Guang Zhou for work, basically to source for new collection and manufacturers for THE JEM LABEL. It was indeed an eye-opening experience; it gave me an insight and idea on the entire wholesale market industry in Guang Zhou. It was massive (or rather chaotic). Although I'm no longer with JEM anymore, it was still an experience that I've learned from a lot and will never forget.

Chiang Rai (not Chiang Mai) in Thailand is exceptionally beautiful. Enough said. Thank you so much AirAsia for sending me to this beautiful place.

- Got invited to Seoul for Mamonde's Red Energy Recovery Serum launch
So honoured to be one of the 3 selected KOLs to attend Mamonde's Red Energy Recovery Serum launch with Park Shin Hye's appearance!!

- Travelled to Jeju with CHARIS
Fun times learning about K-beauty in Jeju and interacting with fellow beauty influencers from all over the world!


- Invited to host a private workshop about content creation with Origins and Clinique's consultants
It was really an honour to be invited to share my tips and expertise on content creation. 

- Travelled to Cameron Highlands and Tanjong Jara Resort with YTL Hotels

Cameron Highlands

Tanjong Jara Resort

- Visited Ho Chi Minh city with Joanne (in fact, it's my first time visiting Vietnam and finally crossing this country off my bucket list hehe!)

Also met up with my Vietnamese bb, Chloe, whom I knew from the CHARIS event!


- Back in Singapore for Pomelo's store launch

New prefecture in Japan unlocked! Read my blog post for my itinerary!


- Travelled to Hong Kong and Macau with my bf and mommy

Finally bought myself my dream bag 😭

- Attended Sephora Press Day

- Girls' trip to Pangkor Laut Resort with YTL hotels again! This time with Josephine, Jasmine and Dana!



- Made it to HOKKAIDO for the first time for a campaign with Toyota Rent-A-Car. What a great way to kick start my birthday month!

- Back to SEOUL again at end of August for Dyson's regional event!!
Honestly felt so surreal to be working with DYSON!!!!

September & October

- Travelled to Pbuket for Doubletree Hilton Phuket's launch

- Hosted my first Jeju sharing session with over 200 attendees
Damn, this was nerve-wrecking but I'm glad to have tried something new like this in 2019. Thank you Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia for having me and giving me this opportunity!

- Travelled to Bangkok with my bf

- Visited DOHA with Qatar Airways and Visit Qatar
Will never forget this experience and opportunity. So, so blessed and grateful to be selected as one of the KOLs to work with Qatar Airways and Visit Qatar on this campaign! Also, my dream of flying business class came true, and it was truly an unforgettable experience!!


- Visited LISBON with Qatar Airways and Visit Lisboa
Dream came true when Qatar Airways sent me to Lisbon right after Doha. Read more on my Lisbon blog post!

- Hosted a workshop with Love, Bonito
Had sooooo much fun hosting this styling workshop with Love, Bonito!! I was really happy to meet some of you up close and personal. Thank you so much for making this happen! 


- Travelled to PHU QUOC and stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels that I've ever been to - JW MARRIOTT PHU QUOC

In a nutshell, 2019 was a tremendously fascinating year for me. It was a year of growth for both me and my career. Grateful for all the new opportunities, learning experiences, genuine people around me, and everything that has happened in 2019.

2020, I'm ready to roll. Are you?


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