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Hello people! Today I'm here to share about my recent trip to Perth, Australia. As it was my first oversea trip of the year, I was beyond excited upon receiving the email invitation from Malindo Air and Western Australia to join their FAM trip as I haven't travelled to Perth before! Moreover, I've heard so much about Perth so I was really looking forward to the trip!

We took an evening flight to Perth from KL on 7th March and reached Perth around midnight. So in other words, our trip only officially started on 8th March!

DAY ONE (08.03.2020)
- Fremantle Walking Tour
- Lunch at Kailis Fish Market Cafe
- Fremantle Arts Centre
- Fremantle Market
- Stroll around Fremantle's Cappuccino Strip
- Bathers Beach
- Dinner at The Arbour

DAY TWO (09.03.2020)
- Breakfast at Moore and Moore Cafe
- Hotel check-out
- Fremantle Rainbow Container
- Sculpture by the Sea at Cottlesloe Beach
- Lunch at Island Market at Trigg Beach
- Transfer to Perth City
- Optus Stadium
- Little Ferry Cruise to Elizabeth Quay
- Check-in Adnate Hotel
- Dinner at Chee Tayeb Restaurant

DAY THREE (10.03.2020)
- Breakfast at Bayside Kitchen, Matilda Bay
- Blue Boat House
- 1.5 hour Segway Tour
- Lunch at The Royal Hotel
-  Two Feet & a Heartbeat Walking Tour
- Dinner at Street Eats Eatery, Yagan Square

DAY FOUR (11.03.2020)
- Shopping at Westfield Carousel
- Core Cider House at Perth Hills
- Shopping at King Street / Hay Street
- Hotel check-out
- Moonlight Cinema, Kings Park
- Depart to airport

Our day started with a Fremantle Walking Tour conducted by @fremantletours.  The team at Fremantle Tours love nothing more than showing off their fantastic home. An outing with Fremantle Tours is like being shown around a new city by an old and passionate friend! With this walking tour, I was able to learn so much history about Fremantle, listen to stories passed down through generations, and even discover hidden gems that only the locals know.
Check them out on Instagram too: https://www.instagram.com/fremantletours
After the walking tour, we were chauffeured to Kailis Fish Market Cafe for lunch! Kailis' Fish Market, located on the waterfont in Fremantle's Fishing Boat Harbour, is a multi-award winning seafood restaurant with a fresh Fish Market and Seafood BBQ, Fish & Chip counter, and Cafe and Bar. Order the seafood platter and you won't regret it!
After lunch, we headed to the Fremantle Arts Centre. Fremantle Arts Centre is the City of Fremantle's premier arts service and one of the leading arts organisations in Australia. The Centre showcases free exhibitions, free and ticketed concerts and events from international, national and local artists, and offers a wide range of art courses.

We also took a stroll around Cappuccino Strip and stopped by Coco Bianco Gelato for gelato! I had the Creme Brulee Cappuccino flavour and it was sooooo creamy and good!
I just couldn't resist taking pictures everywhere I go in Cappuccino Strip because every corner is so picture-worthy! The street reminds me of Disneyland so much.
Even their bookstore looks so aesthetically-pleasing!

In the evening, we headed to Bathers Beach House, which is a beachfront restaurant and bar. It's a perfect beach to watch the sunset, as many of the locals do everyday!
Had a really good time there.

After the sun set, we walked over to The Arbour for dinner, which is just 10-mins walk away from the Bathers Beach. It's so cool that this beach is located within a walking distance from the city! 



Rise and shine! We had breakfast at Moore and Moore cafe, which is just a 4-min walk away from our hotel (Quest Fremantle). Watch my vlog for moreeeee!

Then, we checked-out our hotel to head to Perth City. But along the way, we stopped by the famous Rainbow Container for pictures!

The sculpture by prominent Perth artist Marcus Canning is constructed from nine recycled sea containers joined to form an arch.
After that, we headed to Cottlesloe Beach to check out the Sculptures by the Sea! Cottesloe is internationally famous for its superb beach and terraced lawns overlooking the Indian Ocean. The exhibition (free entry) is featured from the sea wall all the way along the sand towards North Cottesloe and on the surrounding grassed areas creating a beautiful sculpture park.

For lunch, we headed to Island Market at Trigg Beach, which is a sister restaurant to Kailis Fish Market Fremantle, offering casual Spanish/ Mediterranean-inspired dining on the beach.
After lunch, we departed to the Optus Stadium for a tour.  With views of the picturesque Swan River and Perth city in the west and the foothills in the east, this 60,000 seat world-class multi-purpose stadium will host a variety of sports and entertainment events including Australian Football League, International and Big Bash League cricket, soccer, rugby league and union, plus concerts. Ed Sheeran is the first artist who held his concert there!!
As soon as the stadium tour ends, we hopped on the Little Ferry Co private cruise from Optus Stadium's jetty to Elizabeth Quay. There is no better way to see the beautiful Swan River and city than travelling in the exquisite comfort of this solar electric ferry.
Oh look! I even got to become the helmsman for 5 minutes hahahaha!

After arriving Elizabeth Quay, we had our driver to chauffeur us to our hotel in Perth, i.e. Adnate Perth! This hotel has a very strategic location as it is really near to shopping streets like King street, Hay street, Wolf Lane (for street arts), etc.


On the third day of our trip, we kick-started our day with a wholesome breakfast at Bayside Kitchen. Not only the food was delicious and generous in portion, this restaurant also boasts a beautiful view of the bay. It's certainly a perfect way to start the day.

Here we are at the famous Crawley Edge Boatshed which is widely known as Blue Boat House! The "Crawley Edge" Boatshed is thought to have been originally constructed in the early 1930s. After many years the Boatshed continues to be a prominent landmark on the Swan River.
We hopped on a private 1.5 hour Segway Tour and it was the highlight of the trip for me!!! I was freaking out during the practice because I was terribly afraid of falling down. My friends were literally cheering for me and giving me mental support hahaha! But after getting the hang of it, I wish the tour was longer! It was super fun, and with our tour guide, we got to hear thrilling and fascinating stores about Perth's rich history, dynamic boom times and breathtaking plans for the future!
And because Perth's roads are very straight and well-maintained, it makes it super easy to ride a segway! I would 100% recommend you to try this when you are here in Perth! Check out Segway WA's website for more info!

We then had our lunch at this very beautiful restaurant in The Royal Hotel Enjoy contemporary style share plates and traditional counter meals whilst sipping on a glass of wine selected from an artfully curated wine list, or a class staple or new craft pick poured fresh from one of the Hotel's 14 beer taps.

Everything tastes as FANTASTIC as their looks!

After lunch, we met our guide from Two Feet & a Heartbeat Walking Tours for a tour focusing on street arts, laneways, hidden bars, etc. It's a very relaxed yet informative and conversational walking tour!

We had dinner at Street Eats Eatery located within Yagan Square. There are also plenty of restaurants around Yagan Square. You can also find a lot of Asian cuisine at Chinatown which is located at Northbridge (just beside Yagan Square)!


On the last day of our trip, we had some free time to shop at Westfield Carousel, a one-stop hub for shopping, fun & relaxation. The mall opens as early at 9am (except for Sunday) and we had a great time shopping for clothes in the mall!! (Watch my vlog for more) 

After that, we headed to Core Cider House at Perth Hills for cider-tasting and a fruit-harvest tour!

 Core Cider House is the place to be if you want to experience and enjoy fine WA hand-crafted ciders overlooking the orchards.  They offer a wide variety of ciders including sweet and traditional, as well as premium and limited edition special releases. My favourite has got to be the Pink Lady cider!

I was so in love with this place that exudes a irresistible country charm!
Lunch was fantastic at Cider Garden restaurant!

We had some free time shopping before going to the Moonlight Cinema at Kings Park! It's Australia’s favourite open air cinema showing advance screenings, new release and cult films in the park!! The experience was fantastic!
Kings Park itself is a charm.

So our Gold Grass ticket includes entry and our own Bean Bed in the premium viewing location on the lawn under the starry sky!! We also ordered some snacks and refreshments to munch along our movie!
After the end of our movie screening, we made our way to Kings Park Hill to enjoy the night view of the Perth city lights before heading to the airport. The city view and the starry sky was so beautiful that I was reluctant to bid goodbye.

Once again, thank you Malindo Air and Western Australia Tourism Board for sending me here and showing me how beautiful Perth is. I hope to go back soon to discover more places in Perth!


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  3. your day three and day four photos are my absolute fave, jess! also, i can barely recognise you without your purple hair now. lol.

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