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My favourite place on earth is none other than...my room. It's the place where I can fully immerse myself in the things that I wanna do. It's the place where I can find peace and calm. It's the place where I can give myself some space and me-time. It's the place where I take a good sleep, recharge and re-energize myself for the next day.

Now I would say a good-quality mattress comes into play, because I wouldn't be able to enjoy all those self-care moments, Netflix and mask, and a good night sleep without a GOOD MATTRESS. So to me, a good mattress is a necessity!!

I've been sleeping on JOEY'S MATTRESS for a while now and so I'm finally here to share with you my thoughts!

My queen-sized mattress came like this in a box!

So thoughtful of them to include this plastic cutter for you to remove the plastic sheet that wraps around the mattress!

The Joey Mattress is made of J-Foam™
A modern proprietary polyurethane foam relentlessly engineered for unrivaled bounciness, better breathability, deep pressure-relief and ultra-durability.
Its Zero-Motion technology also provides maximum isolation of any motions on your mattress so that you can enjoy a good sleep without any disturbance!

Also, because Malaysia's weather is so humid, Joey's Mattress is actually built with a breathable micro-cell foam structure that increases ventilation that keeps you cool and comfortable!

My favourite thing about the mattress has got to be its firmness. It has got a medium firmness (that is absolutely perfect for my liking) that supports and aligns to your body comfortably.

I have to say, Joey's Mattress is really value-for-money (Mine is the queen size one and it's retailing for RM1,895) It doesn't only make my sleep better (I just refuse to wake up every morning because it's way too comfortable), I also wake up each day without having a backache haha! Honestly, it makes me looking forward to be back to my room so that I can just lie on my bed every day!

They're also providing a FREE 99-DAY TRIAL so that you can test it out at home!

Check them out at 

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